Virtual       Fashion      Galleria


Virtual Fashion Galleria (VFG) is a gamified experience platform that allows users to customize different metaverse-ready fashion items before purchase. VFG is a decentralized virtual fashion wearable platform that allows users to have their wearables all in one place.

Access to 3D Files

Our virtual fashion galleria will give you access to major 3D files – OBJ, FBX, GLB, DAZ3D, UNREAL ENGINE – and a metaverse-ready file.

NFT Virtual Fashion

We are creating a virtual fashion galleria to host different kinds of NFT enabled virtual wearables for both fashion creators and consumers.

Explore our Fashion Museum

VFG museum is an interactive museum that allows you to combine different fashion wearables.

Get your Decentralized Wearable

Walk into our fashion galleria, customize and get your wearable for different metaverses.


VFG Roadmap is centered around using virtual wearables across virtual worlds.


We are building a platform to give you access to 3D files to use across different virtual worlds.


Explore new collection drops from our dedicated inventories and customize your wearables as you wish with unique wearables from The Hacedor and other creators.


Experience a gamified virtual fashion in a unique and unimaginable way. We are developing a play-to-win gamified platform for your virtual fashion histories and other experiences.


Request for the 3D files of a special combination of fashion wearables and IRL items from designers.

Our Partner

We hope that VFG becomes a one-stop-shop for everything digital fashion.